Procedure for Joining the Club


A completed “Application for Membership” form can be completed via the link at the bottom of this page.  Membership allows you to play for free during club times and make use of our fantastic tennis courts.


Prospective members may visit and join in Social Tennis at the Club and pay the appropriate visitors fees of $15.00 per visit.  This is refunded upon acceptance into the Club as a member and payment of subscription.


Once the membership application is submitted you may play at the Club without paying a visitor’s fee.  A subscription invoice will be sent out once the application has been approved by a Board Meeting.


Senior Members                               $450.00

Mid Week Members                         $370.00
Country Members                             $175.00

Full time students (19 and over)    $255.00

Juniors (18 and under)                     $225.00 (Includes 1 season of Pennants)

Social Members (non playing)         $  30.00

We encourage families and a 10% discount is given to Parents and their dependent children except for Social, Country and Special Pennant members.  The discount is applied to the lesser membership or younger child’s membership when there is a parent or older child playing and paying a higher or similar subscription – further family discounts are also available – please enquire for details.


Temporary Membership

Temporary memberships are available for periods of one to more than three months, for Senior, Mid-week and Juniors.


Social Membership

Hensman Park offers Social Membership to those who want to participate in the social aspect of the Club but only wish to play tennis occasionally, as a visitor.  The cost is $30.00 per year. 

Contact our Club Manager Ellen Lynch for more details.




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